Web Hosting Basics

Web hosting is the service that permits individuals and organizations to post a web page or an entire website on to the Internet. A web hosting service provider, is a firm that provides the services and technologies required for the web pages or website to be seen on the Internet. These sites are stored, or hosted, on specialized computers known as servers.

There are several types of hosting companies usually depending on how they offer their services. The following is a possible categorization of some of the most common types of web hosting companies;

Shared web hosts

This is the most common way of hosting a website. It is recommended, especially for individuals to start on and also for those without really heavy or dedicated use because it is easy to use. In this type of hosting, a single server is used by several clients, giving the following benefits of that it is cheaper as you do not have to pay the cost of the whole server as you are sharing with others and it is also easy to use the hosting company is responsible for all maintenances and any security update that may be required on your behalf. Also the server sets with the most common options, giving you an easy time with the control panel.

The disadvantage is that by sharing a server when a site is really busy among the ones that are shared, it may consequently affect the rest of the site. It is also offers less flexibility as a result of being shared.

Dedicated hosting


This is the most preferred and prestigious type of web hosting available. In this type of hosting a client gets a server and all its resources and then they are dedicated solely to that particular site. It is the most executive type of hosting and comes with the following benefits; it offers the flexibility of customization since one is at will choosing the specific hardware and software that will suit their needs. You also enjoy guaranteed speed and full control as you are not being affected by any other site. The shortcoming of this type of setup is the fact that you need to have technical understanding and functioning of servers as you have to tune, then the server and maintain it by yourself and also the cost to acquire and run is really high and only affordable and recommended for large corporations.

Cloud hosting

It is usually a kind of a combo of shared and dedicated hosting. A site has its own server yet the host shares servers with other clouds. This is done by the use of virtual partitioning, which allows for personal customization just like in dedicated. The cloud has the advantage of that it is more flexible and reliable as it is able to adapt to problems in hardware and in case of a failure relocate your site to a safe location. Also, there is a fact that your website enjoys dedicating resources and also only a few sites share a server. Due to the presence of virtual servers, the users are able to customize their partitions.


Can I Get Free Web Design And Hosting From The Same Company?

Due to the nature of today’s business environments, there a dire need for all businesses and persons offering their services to have an online presence. Due to this fact, there a need to serve individuals running businesses and offering services that do not necessarily have the technical know-how of the operations of web programming and development tools. As a result of this, the web hosting companies’ devised site builders to enable businesses get online without their owners having technical knowledge or having to hire an expert. Therefore, it is very much possible to get a free web design and hosting from the same company essentially through the use of a site builder.

Finding a free web design and web hosting company

It is a real challenge coming up with a decision on which web host to use for the purpose of your services. One can get the necessary information from friends or other users who might have also sought such services. However, if that is not applicable one can also tap into the highway of information which is the web and search for other opinions on the same. On the web the most ideal place to look at is from review site or blogs offering such kind of discussion. Nevertheless, information from these sites should not be trusted 100% and you should seek to verify it from other sources as it may be inaccurate and thus led you to a wrong decision. As a basic rule internet sources should always be used for consultation purposes and not for the final decisions.

Evaluation of free web hosts and web design companies


Even though you are seeking a free service, it is crucial for one to look at the best possible and available service. Usually, it is recommended that to pick on free web design and hosting with service providers that will allow you to upgrade to a premium service when need be. This is because with a company offering solely free service they may run out of business due to lack of revenue and this could be a great inconvenience to your business. Factors to be considered while choosing this kind of a service provider include: speed and reliability of the site. This is about the percentage of time that your site will be available to your visitors and also the speed at which your site will be able to load when visited.

Speed and reliance are a key factor in determining how well a site is and so should you when looking for a host. Another factor one should consider with free web design and hosting is the allowed bandwidth, this refers to the amount of data in bytes that your visitors take up from your site. It is crucial to know the specifics to avoid inconveniences if you project high traffic for instance, you should look for a hosting firm allowing such. A factor also of great importance, especially with the free hosting is the issue of adverts, since this is the major source of revenue for these types of site you need to understand the extent to which it affects your business.


Indian Companies: Pack Web Hosting

In India, Pack Web Hosting Company is one of the leaders in the provision of the web hosting services. The company was established in 2002 and since then it has continued to offer ultimate services to its client at an unbeatable price thus gaining an edge in this competitive industry. The company has a very good support to clients and have a deep understanding of the trade requirements of the larger Asia market, though it has enlarged its coverage area to global fonts so as to enjoy a higher market base and also to compete effectively by offering services to multinationals in the region.

Services offered by Pack

Pack web hosting is known to offer a range of services to its clients and over time these services have been increasing to match up with the market demands and the advancements in technology. The services are highly specialized and include;

    1. Linux hosting solutions

The company offers a quality and complete solution to clients using Linux hosting systems. This is ensured by the fact that they are not resellers and own and service their own systems and servers. Starting from as lowest plan of bronze, one can enjoy; 1 GB worth of web space, 10 GB bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, PHP, MySQL, and an easy to use Control panel (cPanel).

  1. Windows hosting solutions

They offer an unbeaten hosting plan on the Microsoft Windows platform. The platform is completely easy to use and as it is with the case with Linux the also run and maintain their own servers to ensure that they continue to provide excellent service as they have done for years. With this type solution, using their last service you enjoy; 1 GB worth of web space, 10 GB bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, PHP, MS-SQL 2008, dot net platform, and an easy to use Control panel (c Panel).

  1. Unlimited reseller plans and solutions

The company offers a reseller package which is unlimited on the Linux platform using the WHM control panel that puts the resellers in full control of the system. With this control panel one is able to effectively manage the accounts that are answerable to them from creation, suspension to even delete all from the same control panel.

  1. Domain names

This is their main area of specialization since their inception and they have only become better at it like never before. They have continued to offer the services at very competitive prices. The company also offers reseller services for the domain name services for those firms that would like to sell domain names

Why choose Pack Hosting

There are lots of benefits a business or a corporation can derive from partnering with Pack Web Hosting. Other than being served by the region’s best service provider, you also enjoy a high quality service while at a very reasonable price. The company has a deep understanding in the region and also on the services they provide for being in business for long. It is recommended that you visit their site to view a complete range of services provided.


Finding Cheap Web Hosting: Canada

It is the pursuit of every small and mid-sized companies as well as individuals to also have a good presence so as to compete effectively in the market with the larger player. To achieve this they require a cheap web hosting service provider. This is mainly because their budget does not allow for expensive services that are run by large corporations. This also applies to startup businesses that are on very low and tight budgets.

Due to the fact that these are the greatest number of clients available, it is inevitable that there is a large number of service providers offering cheap web hosting. Canada also enjoys these high numbers of people seeking these services. Though most of the firm have an international presence there are some that are dedicated purely to the local market and are actually owned by Canadians.

Emergence of cheap web hosting

When in search for a cheap web hosting: Canada plan, one should consider a number of factors that affects the overall productivity of a website that you will receive. A common notion that cheap is not always quality here at times do not apply as there is compelling evidence showing that one can actually get high quality service at a low cost. This has emerged as a result of the introduction of the cheap web hosting Canada based firms or operating firms that offer their services at a low cost and compensate for the revenue by targeting a large customer base to maintain a quality service provision. This firm has brought up a revolution in the industry previously only done by the big players and made these services be available to the vast majority of the businesses in Canada and all over the globe thus enhancing commerce and also free flow of information.

Aspects of cheap web hosting


Though these service providers are dedicated to offering quality services to maintain and build on their reputation, there are certain check points that one should consider while choosing one of these companies so as to ascertain that they are consistent with your website’s needs. Some of the factors that one can consider may include;

  1. Storage

For moderate sites this is not much of an issue as you actually need only a small size of the server’s disk space. However, if your requirements are different, you should strive to get a plan that actually fits to your requirements.

  1. Support

This is actually a key requirement in any plan of hosting. You need to make sure that the service provider you choose is able to give to technical support 24/7 when you get stuck so that you can get back online as soon as possible.

  1. Speed and reliability

You need to make sure that your visitor will be able to load your web pages fast and in case of downloading a content from your site it should also be fast. You also need to check at the time that you are actually accessible by visitors to your site (uptime). You need to make sure that your host has an outstanding uptime


A Full List Of Hostgator Promo Codes 2014

In the continued campaign to provide affordable hosting services and also make it the preferred web hosting service provider, especially, among the smallest and the mid-sized companies. In line with these efforts Hostgator has been having a series of coupons and promo codes to allow its customers enjoy some level of unbeaten discounts and also lower on the overall cost of hosting. As a result of hostgator coupon codes 2014, Hostgator has continued to be the leading web hosting service provider in its class controlling about 1% of the global traffic, which is a great fit for any one single company considering the thousands of companies offering web hosting services.

Coupons and promo codes available from Hostgator usually vary from year to year and also as the year moves on. For the year 2014 the following were the code that were issued by Hostgator were:


    • This is the latest but a limited time coupon and promo code issued by Hostgator only being issued for use in the last week of August.
  • 25SuperSale
    • With this plan you get a 25% discount on any plan of web hosting that you may buy.
  • GiveMaxDiscount
    • These claims the highest available discount at that particular time on the chosen web hosting plan. In this case it is 25%.
  • GiveVPSDiscount
    • With the use of this coupon you enjoy a 25% discount which is the maximum in this category for a VPS plan of web hosting purchased.
  • GiveResDiscount
    • This gives the maximum discount on the purchased reseller hosting plan.

Coupons and Marketing

The concept and use of coupons and promo codes has been around for years and is a key tool in marketing. During its inception and traditional use, it was used to market mostly consumer goods, but due to the dynamics in the marketing front and also their success, their use widely spread to all ranges of products and goods. They are basically a token or a code that is exchanged in trade for allowance of a specific discount or extra item or service. The use of Hostgator promo codes 2014 has made Hostgator gain an edge in the field and hence the dominance among the low cost service providers. If this marketing strategy is used appropriately, one is in a position to leap a lot of benefits and also customers that would have potentially gone to a competitor.

Using the 2014 promo codes

The Hostgator promo codes 2014 are very easy to use in the pursuit of the best price available for your hosting plan. The promo codes 2014 are used when one is registering an account with Hostgator. On the shared plan page you move and select your preferred plan among the three provided and when you scroll down you find a portion requiring you to input the code that you feel best suits your need. It is also on this page that you are in a position to choose a billing cycle. Usually the longer your billing cycle, the higher the discount you stand to enjoy.